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Amcare hospital located at vip road zirakpur offers best bariatric surgeon in chandigarh and have successfully done man weight loss surgeries since its inception. We’re known as the best hospital for Bariatric surgery in Chandigarh

Overview of Bariatric surgery:

The fact is, more than 95% of people who take part in non surgical weight loss programs will fall to achieve and maintain significant weight loss for a long period of time’.
The decision to undergo bariatric surgery should be well informed. The following information serves as a guide to developing a detailed understanding of the benefits and risks of bariatric surgery as treatment for the disease of morbid obesity. Like so many people who struggle with their weight, you’ve probably made several attempts to take control using diet and exercise.

You interested in this information shows that you want to learn more about experiencing life at a healthier weight. Weight loss surgery has been proven to help people achieve and maintain a healthier weight when diet and exercise alone have failed, and it may be right for you. Surgery is a serious decision.

Role of Different Specialists

Patients see an endocrinologist for the initial evaluation and are then followed closely by our multidisciplinary team of specialists. An endocrinologist continues to monitor all aspects of treatment.

  • Endocrinologist – Evaluates for endocrine issues (such as diabetes or thyroid disorders) which may impact weight
  • Advanced practice nurse – Follows the patient to adjust treatment (in consultation with the endocrinologist) and help each patient stay on track
  • Dietitian – Completes a nutrition evaluation; formulates a meal plan to facilitate weight loss
  • Exercise physiologist – Develops an individualized exercise program for the patient
  • Physical therapist – Helps patients who have physical limitations related to their weight (e.g., can’t walk on a treadmill; need to do sitting exercises or have other physical limitations) and forms an individualized exercise program
  • Psychologist/behavioral therapist – Intervenes in cases where a patient has expressed psychological issues in dealing with weight or food
  • Sleep specialist – Determines whether a patient has sleep apnea and provides treatment


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