Pediatrics, Neonatology and Pediatric Surgery


The Pediatric department at Amcare Hospital has the most modern equipment with PICU and ventilation facilities. We know the difficulties parents face in taking care of their children. Neonatology department at Amcare Hospital includes special care of new-born babies who are born unwell. This care process is meant for premature and low weight babies. We have the finest neonatal care in Zirakpur that can support your new born child.


Our OPD facilities are available for all 7 days of the week, and we have round the clock qualified child specialists in the city. We have equipped patient wards and care for everyone. Our intensive care and pediatric surgery make us one of the finest in the department of child health care. We have a team of well experienced pediatrician in Zirakpur for all those looking for exclusive services like Pediatric cardiology, neurology, EEG and ECHO.


We attend the most emergency patients amongst all the private hospitals in the region. This is what makes us the best pediatric hospital Zirakpur, Chandigarh – Punjab !

The department of pediatric and neonatology at Amcare hospital, Zirakpur (catering to patients from Punjab, J&K, Himachal Pradesh) is well equipped with Gastroenterology Unit which specializes in Endoscopic Facilities for Children- Celiac, Gastric ulcer.Diagnostic Upper GI Endoscopy/ Colonoscopy/ ERCP.Foreign Body Removal Polypectomy and Pediatric Surgery Unit for All new born surgeries- tracheo-esophageal fistula, Intestinal atresiaUrology surgeries- Hydronephrosis, VVR, etc Abdominal surgeries, Appendectomy, Herniotomy.


Dr. Mukesh Kumar

M.D. – Paediatrics

Dr. Mohit Kurundwadkar

M.D. – Paediatrics And Fellowship in Neonatology


The NICU at Amcare Hospital consists of all infrastructure and equipment needed for pediatric care. We have level III NICU care with modern machines like ventilators, multipara monitors, incubator, warmer, blood gas analyser and many other things. Our trained staff will provide care with dedication and compassion to every delicate new-born infant in the hospital. Our unit is backed by the in-house x-ray, laboratory, ECHO and ultrasound equipment.

Medical & Surgical Procedures:
New born surgery

We manage and provide newborns with problems like block food pipe, absence of anal opening, intestinal obstruction, hernia, and other disorders surgery.

Pediatric surgery

Management of pediatric surgery problems like hernia, intestinal obstruction, choledochal cyst, hirschsprung disease, abdomen cyst and other health problem cures in children.

Pediatric Laparoscopy

Appendicectomy, Diagnostic laparoscopy, Intra Abdomen Testis, Cholecystectomy, Liver Abscess, and Abdomen Cyst is managed under this section.

Pediatric Urology

Under this, we have services for hypospadias, PUV – posterior Urethral Valve, PUJO – Pelvi Ureteric Junction Obstruction, Vesicoureteral Reflux and more.

Pediatric Neurosurgery

Under this, we provide surgery for hydrocephalus, meningomyeloceleencephalocele along with many other cases.

omplicated situation aid

We manage complicated situations like trauma, pediatric tumors, chest cyst, emphysemas, meditational tumors and more.

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