You just got to know you have got some gynaecology problem. Need a gynaecologist opinion? What could be your potential first step? You would go to google and search for best gynaecologist possible in your area. But is she the right or best for you?

Here are few of the unanswered questions which we will discuss to ease your tedious task.

First of all let this make it clear who gynaecologist is?

Keeping aside all the philoshophies gynaecologist is the one who looks after your reproductive health which means all menstrual, sexual and everything related to your female reproductive system.

Now let us move to our main question What should you look before choosing your gynaecologist?

Before you don’t try you cannot know what is good and what not. But keeping your money and health in mind you cannot explore options.

So here are some pointers to help you:

1. Read what people say:

Public reviews are the most reliable source to get an opinion.

2. Get reviews from peers:

Get help from your relatives and friend . They will give you real and authenticated opinions. But remember every person has its own experience (good or bad).

3. Grab the offers:

On various occasions like anniversaries/health camps etc. hospitals give free or discounted consultations. This keeps your pocket in check plus gives options to explore. Before choosing one look for offers if available.

4. Get to know the Qualification:

Knowing degree or diploma before choosing the one is very important. Beware of quacks. Things to look for: years of experience, educational qualification, medical school, areas of specialisation.

5. Health Insurance Coverage:

Firstly, get a health insurance if you don’t have .It is a necessity now. Secondly check if your doctor or the hospital where your doctor sits covers your illness under health insurance. Insurance reimbursements can be a bit of a hassle, so you ideally want to choose a place that offers cashless claims.

6. Hygiene and cleanliness:

Make sure you go to a clean place. Sometime a physical examination is required in gynaecology where sanitized and sterilized instruments usage is mandatory to prevent cross infection.

7. Nearby located or ambulatory service:

Frequent checks and regular visits may need a convenient location nearby to your home. If not nearby ask if the doctor can send ambulance to your place . That will also help you in case of emergency if required.

Why Amcare’s Gynecologists?

Keeping in mind the above mentioned points. Here are few additional things:

1. Apart from friendly and positive team of doctor our doctor is the most responsive . We recommend only one meeting with her and you will get your answers.

2. Full day OPD gynecology coverage in the hospital.

3. 24*7 gynecologist availability in emergency.

4. Teleconsultaion if travel to hospital is not convenient.

5. Free consultation after discharge because we consider you our responsibility after being stayed in our hospital.

6. Regular visits reminder in case you missed in your busy schedule.

7. Apart from cashless services we offer 0% EMI installments in your final bill for admission and surgical procedures.

8. Our hospital is equipped with state of the art technology and accredited by NABH, India’s premier hospital accreditation authority.

An empathic doctor is the solution of all your sorrows. She gives you hope and solution to your problem like her own. Always look for someone like this.


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