Computer Assisted Orthopedic Surgery


Computerized Orthopedic Surgery Available at Amcare Hospital


Computer-assisted surgery is designed to help the orthopedic surgeon in minimally invasive and traditional knee replacement procedures. This surgery uses powerful digital imaging and information-processing systems that provide surgeons in-depth information when it matters most: during surgery. Specifically, the system assists the surgeon in properly aligning the implants, which increases surgical accuracy. Computer-assisted surgery provides surgeons with an even higher degree of accuracy and control than ever before, and can help reduce your pain and recovery time.

Computer-assisted orthopedic surgery is a system where a computer interacts with body parts via infrared lights and gate detectors. There are systems that require C-Arm images or CAT scans, floura based systems and the newest and most evolved systems are imageless systems, this means that no pre scans of any kind are necessary. The image less systems are far less complicated, are lower cost and more patient friendly since the pre-scans are not necessary. The image less systems will also bring down operation time.



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