Intensive Care Unit


ICU Facility at Amcare Hospital, Zirakpur


Intensive care units (ICUs) are specialist hospital wards. They provide intensive care (treatment and monitoring) for people in a critically ill or unstable condition. ICUs are also sometimes known as critical care units or intensive therapy departments.

A person in an ICU needs constant medical attention and support to keep their body functioning. They may be unable to breathe on their own and have multiple organ failure. Medical equipment will take the place of these functions while the person recovers.


At a Glance

A Cardiac care Unit has been planned just adjacent to Cardiology department on 3rd floor. Similarly Medical and Surgical Intensive Care Units are planned besides the Operation theater complex on 4th floor. All Intensive care areas have Anti-bacterial, Anti-fungal and Anti-skid Vinyl flooring. Macerator machines are planned in ICUs for convenience of patients as well as to promote better personal hygiene thereby preventing hospital acquired infections.



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